Make money by sharing files.
Upload & share files to make money online.
You can earn USD 100 in just two weeks!
* Calculated with user data from past campaigns
Campaign Run-down
Step 1
Register a TeraBox account and fill in the form to sign up for the campaign
Step 2
The more popular files (films, software, games, etc.) you upload or transfer, the greater rewards you may obtain
Step 3
Share file links on social media (e.g., Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, YouTube, etc.)
Step 4
You will earn rewards when new users register for a TeraBox account or download TeraBox through your links
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Share your favorites and earn $300!
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Make $180 in 2 weeks!
Q1How will the bonus be paid to my account?
A1: We support bank account transfer, please watch for an email notification after the Campaign. We normally pay the bonus within 10-15 working days after we have received up-to-date account information.
Q2What kind of files should I share?
A2: Files that everyone needs are more likely to make you money. For example: commonly used computer software, popular game installers, popular movies, TV shows, cartoons, etc.
Q3Where should I share my files?
The simplest answer is to share it on the most popular social media, such as SNS, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. The more people who see the link, the greater your chances of making money.
Q4Can I only share files that I personally uploaded?
No, TeraBox allows you to dump files shared by others to your account and create a share link to send to others, saving your time of uploading them yourself.
Q5Where is my best chance of making money with shared links?
We recommend that you share files purposefully, for example: movie files on a forum about movies; game software on a FaceBook group about games; photos, videos of a particular celebrity for fans of that celebrity, etc.
Q6Should I try to share as many links as possible?
The more links you share, the greater the chances they’re seen, and the more likely you will be to earn money!
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